Government Consulting Services

Rebello Associates is experienced in government consulting on the Federal, State and Municipal levels. We have conducted detailed studies for all spectrums of government including; 

Rebello Associates performs a detailed analysis and evaluation of current and future computer requirements. Following this analysis and evaluation, we recommend specific computer hardware, software, networking and telecommunications solutions. Included in the hardware and software specifications will be specific recommendations for:

Computer hardware
Computer systems software
Applications software
Networking hardware
Networking software

Rebello Associates specializes in systems integration. Regardless of the agency or department, there is the need for integration of different systems.  As systems integrators, Rebello Associates worked with many organizations to insure that their systems communicate with each other and pass information in a controlled manner.

Rebello Associates also specializes in the evaluation, planning and implementation of support for networks. This includes all networks ranging from local areas to large Enterprise Wide Networks. We will provide the same detailed level of evaluation and reporting as with our analysis for hardware and software selection.

Rebello Associates can provide your organization with a wealth of experience in all types of hardware and software. With our experience, we will provide you with a single point of contact, familiar with the particular needs of your organization. Our hardware platform experience includes all types of systems from personal computers, mini-computers and multi-processor mainframe systems. Rather than specialize in a single platform or even in a single industry, Rebello Associates can provide you and your organization with a wide breadth of experience.

For more specific technical information see our:
  Technical Services Summary.

If your agency or department has any requirements for new systems, resolving problems or evaluation of current or proposed computer systems, please call Rebello Associates to discuss your requirements.